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Kitchener Partners currently serves leading Retailers, Industry Associations, Manufacturers and Suppliers, Universities and many other companies and organisations across all channels of trade. From Mass Merchants, Grocery, Food, Drug and Home/Hardware to Beverages, Alcohol and Department Stores, Kitchener Partners helps these retailers increase visibility, improve planning and tackle tough business issues.

Consulting Is Much More Than Just Giving Advice

Consulting Advice And Support

The retail industry is undergoing significant structural change with the break-up of the Coles and Woolworths duopoly, the rise of ALDI and consumers becoming increasingly more demanding. This is at a time when supply chains are becoming more complex and the focus upon cost-reduction is intensifying, and businesses are increasingly requiring support to help determine how best to use their limited resources in order to maintain growth.

Support is often provided on a project basis, using the following approach:

  • Clear articulation of the desired objectives and outputs (in line with the organisation’s strategic direction);
  • Development of a methodology with required data sets and analysis, including trial and validation where appropriate; and
  • A gated process with stop/go milestones to review progress against agreed KPIs.

Strategic Planning Workshops

Strategic planning is hard to do well, and including external unbiased opinions is helpful to validate and test thinking. Strategic plans should be practical and ideally simple living documents that give meaningful direction to decisions.

The aim of using focused workshop(s) is to leverage the existing expertise and skill base within the organisation, in order to efficiently develop practical solutions to expand, refine and sustainably grow the business. Strategic Planning Workshop outcomes can include:


  • Strategic plans including specific growth strategies around marketing, operations and product development;
  • Prioritisation of business activities and needs, including implementation strategies;
  • Aligning your product/service with customer expectations; and
  • Developing resource requirements to meet customer needs, both people and financial.
It may seem like a lot of work at the outset, but a well-prepared business plan can save you time and money in the long run and help you secure major contracts or funding.

Business Planning

Most importantly, business planning incorporating will help you determine any issues you need to address or plan for along the way. It will help you:

  • Clearly articulate goals and the long-term vision;
  • Examine the relative attractiveness of different business opportunities;
  • Identify core competencies that provide competitive advantage;
  • Determine the commercial viability of products/services;
  • Test commitment and motivation;
  • Develop strategies to successfully operate and market your business;
  • Secure investors, customers, suppliers and staff; and
  • Establish measures to evaluate your business success.

Public Speaking

Given the unprecedented changes that are occurring in the grocery retail sector, it is becoming increasingly important to understand and solve the pain-points of the retailer, as well as the pain-points of the consumer. This will enable steady and managed growth for businesses in the future.

Examples of topics covered include:

  • The changing retail landscape in Australia and learning from other markets;
  • Changes in consumer shopping behaviour and emerging trends; and
  • The likely future state and opportunities for growth by retailers and producers.

Tristan is also an experienced panel facilitator and Master of Ceremonies for conferences.

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